This May Not Be Punk Rock, But I Sure As Hell Am.

by First Person SINGular

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    If I told you there is a hidden track, it wouldn't be hidden. Sideways sad face.
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released December 23, 2013



all rights reserved


First Person SINGular Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Amanda started toying with the accordion in 2007 and began a more serious approach once she returned from a year in France in 2009. Since age 14 she has played scheissy guitar but never had luck with songwriting this way. Songs came much more easily and successfully once she began working with the right instrument. She takes a rather witty approach with words in English, French, German, etc. ... more

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Track Name: Sous le soleil
Le soleil se cache
quand le ciel gris est couvert,
et donc je suis triste.

Tu vois la grande lune?
Elle est près des belles étoiles.
Notre bon soleil dort.

Sous le soleil

J'adore le printemps,
mon beau copain soleil vient.
Il est grand et chaud.

Je fais le lézard
sur la plage sous le soleil
et le grand ciel bleu.

Sous le soleil

Quand le ciel pleure fort,
on dit, "Il pleut." On a tort.
Le soleil est mort.

Sous le soleil
Track Name: Ein Freund, Mein Freund!
Halt fest an mich, hold onto me tightly now.
Jetzt ist es spät, it’s getting late, my dear.
Mein Schatz ich muss, I’ve got to turn off the light
das Licht ausmachen.

Ich küsse deinen Kopf, I’ll kiss your head, nothing more.
Aber nichts mehr, you’re only a friend to me.
Ein Freund, nicht mein Freund – you’re just my cat.
Du bist nur meine Katze.

Und Lieber zwischen Männer ist aber okay, auch zwischen Frauen, und Männer und Frauen. Aber Lieber zwischen Katzen und Volke, niemals.

Cats don’t replace humans. Cats can’t be our boyfriends. Animals are only for petting and loving platonically, and feeding, and playing with balls with; but not overfeeding, because that is animal abuse.

Halt fest an mich
Jetzt ist es spät
Mein Schatz ich muss
das Licht ausmachen
Track Name: I'm a Woman, Not a Ma'am
There once was a female of thirty,
whose demeanor was kind of flirty,
so why call her a girl
if you see her and get stiff
and start thinking thoughts that are dirty?

You don’t have sex with girls; have sex with women.

A woman of twenty walks into a bar,
is addressed as “Ma’am” and she found it bizarre.
She’s not even married,
and soon won’t be buried.
She isn’t a missus by far!

If she’s carded in a bar, then she’s a “Miss.”

I’m a woman, but not a ma’am.
Track Name: Second Floor
He came from a foreign land, but he never fit in quite right. She took him up into her room and he found his fit that night. He was in, then he found his way right back out. She lost his scent along the way. Through fits of passion after that, a lost lust found to stay. But oh, she lost him again, and oh, don’t trust that man. With those lies you realized he’s wrong for you.

She thought she’d found her way in but was tossed back out. She’d lost the game she tried to play. His cheap attempts to win her back made his loss of her a shame. But oh, she lost him again, and oh, don’t trust that man. With those lies you realized he’s wrong for you.

Off with his head. No one would miss him.
Better off dead. No one would notice
In his eternal bed
Track Name: tHeStar
A star, a celestial body. Love, war, fertility.

Her beauty embroidered with golden seams, to have found another celestial being. With reverence for the Puritan way, and penitence for going astray.

A star, a celestial body. Love, war, fertility.

Her little imp Pearl, a symbolic girl, red rose of romance, with always a dance. A vengeance so chill, her love to be killed. Ability Always as she was abhorred.

A star, a celestial body. Love, war, fertility – twas Mistress Hester Prynne!
Track Name: Hello, Dahlia!
Anders Dahl was a Swedish botanist for whom this flower’s name exists: dahlia! Start growing them in the sun, but don’t water them yet or they’re gone, dead, rotten to the root!

Oh they grow tall with a fragile stem. When slugs attack, well, that’s the end of them! Dahlia: blooming summer into autumn. Take my word, they’re better than mums (but not you, Mum!)

Track Name: Ped Etiquette
Get outta my way! Can’t you see you’re on the left? Stay to the right! This isn’t England after all. And don’t you dare think that three abreast is okay. You’ve gotta move the fuck over, because I’m entitled to some space. Get outta my way!
Track Name: Sie Kann Nicht Mehr
Come stei? Wie geht es? Ca va toi? How are you? Sto bene. Geht’s mir gut. Ca va bien. I am fine.

Il la frappe, et il la tappe. Elle en a marre; elle n’est pas bete. He abusata de sua moglia e adesso e finito.

Cosa cè? Alles klar? Qu’est-ce qu’il y a? Is all okay? Mi dici. Sag es mir. Dis-moi quoi. Tell me, tell me.

Sie kann nicht mehr, es ist zu schwer. Der Scheisskerl bleibt mit seinem Gewissen. You fucked her life, and fucked yours too, so now from me a big FUCK YOU.

Andiamo. Jetzt geht’s los. C’est parti. Now it’s on. Grazie, danke schön, merci bien, thanks thanks thanks!
Track Name: Le Soleil d'hiver (Winter Sun)
Track Name: How Sure Is Hell, Anyway?
I Cannot Sing To-Night (Foster/Banister)

Kind lady, ask me not to sing The joys of other days; Chide not my muse, though she refuse To bask in Memory’s rays. I would that all my youthful joys Could vanish from my sight; For ah! my heart is very sad: I cannot sing tonight.

I cannot, I cannot, cannot sing tonight; For ah! my heart is very sad: I cannot sing tonight.

Since last we met, ten thousand joys Have faded from our view; The magic of our youth has fled, Our eyes have shed their dew. Since last we met, ten thousand griefs On me have spent their might; But ah! my heart is very sad: I cannot sing tonight.

I cannot, I cannot, cannot sing tonight; For ah! my heart is very sad: I cannot sing tonight.