This Second

by First Person SINGular

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Written, recorded, and produced by First Person SINGular / Amanda Parrotte.

Since bandcamp gets a portion of my earnings, I am asking for money now since they charged back pay for my previous album's sales; and so far I have made a little over $3 on this product. If you can support my art I am grateful. Thank you to those who have bought my album - you are appreciated. If I gave you an actual CD please consider paying what you think it's worth to you. <3
Thank you,
A poor person


released March 1, 2016

Joy B, violin, viola, and the use of her equipment
Richelle W. for drums on Whither Must I Wander? and Decent Exposure.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


First Person SINGular Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Amanda started toying with the accordion in 2007 and began a more serious approach once she returned from a year in France in 2009. Since age 14 she has played scheissy guitar but never had luck with songwriting this way. Songs came much more easily and successfully once she began working with the right instrument. She takes a rather witty approach with words in English, French, German, etc. ... more

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Track Name: Die Kälte
Die Kälte war so kalt, dass sie schadete mich,
Sie stach unter die Haut

und das Weh dauerte bis in den Fruehling
Die Hitze war so plötzlich

Sie war ganz ermuedent
dass ich fast noch starr vor Kälte zu sein, herbei sehnte
Track Name: Chanson Sans Chance
Je pense l’amour, je me dis non
Etre si naive est vraiment con
Tomber amoureuse, si seule, toute seule, sans l’autre
un sentiment qui n’est pas le notre

On partage des mots trop souvent
Je veux suivre chacqu’un de tes mouvements
Mais enfin, je detourne de nous deux, de l’amour
En esperanto que je le trouverai un autre jour
Track Name: Decent Exposure
If you never leave then you won’t know what they see elsewhere.
If you never leave then you won’t know how they see things here.
When you open your door, you open your eyes.
When you’ve opened your eyes, you’ve closed the gap to closed-mindedness.
So don’t clothe your mind, make it naked.
Expose it to the world. Be decent.
Track Name: Yodel Your Buns Off
Du willst kleine Broetchen fuer jeden Hand
Zwei kleine Broetchen fuer zwei Haende
Was kann ich gegen meinen dicken Brötchen tun?
Was? Hab' ich zu viel gegessen?
Was? Hab' ich zu viel gegessen?

[3, 2, 1
Squat! Let's squat! 2 more times! Squat....Squat
Bend and shift! Bend and shift!
Hold it and let's drink! Hold it (the hat) and let's drink!
Ah! Let's take a break! (Cheers!) The break is over...
Hands high and stomp! Hands high and stomp!
and Pump! Pump!]
Track Name: Whore's Bath
Your lover's coming over, so take a few minutes for a nice whore's bath.
There's always time for respect and it starts with just a little splash.
A good encounter might begin with a kiss.
A minty clean mouth will help you with this.
Now you can make out without grossing them out, you hot, thoughtful piece of ass.

You've spent nine hours in the same shirt and now you're not feeling so fresh
A warm, wet cloth with a mild soap sensually applied to your chest
Oh how clever you've packed a spare
Along with a second pair of underwear
Pull on that clean shirt even though you fucking know on the floor is where it'll rest.

Now we all know where to go for the stars of the show and this is where hygiene really counts.
Bathe Old Hornington, for under the prepuce lies smegma in copious amounts.
Let me be candid, I dislike Candida;
Keep the vulva free of excess bacteria.
Gently wash before and after copulation then get back in the sack to roll around.
Track Name: Magnolias
Early in the spring, select flowers begin to bloom, giving people the sense of a rebirth and renewal of a lush earth. Daffodils and tulips brave the ends of a bitter winter, surviving thunder, rain, and wind storms exemplary of the change of seasons. Some of us forget about magnolia trees. Their pink and white beauty is a fresh beginning to the spring, or so we think.

Just as the magnolias begin to bloom and I take notice of them, I anticipate walking down sidewalks for the upcoming days seeing these signs of spring. Then the rain comes. Then there are magnolias everywhere. They have all been splashed down onto the sidewalks, making for a slippery peregrination for all pedestrians. What weak and disappointing flowers! Just when they make me feel good, they anger me with their messy existence, ceasing to mesmerize me with their beauty.
Track Name: Rakkaus (Love)
(by Edith Södergran)
Sieluni oli vaaleansininen puku, taivaanvärinen.
Jätin sen kalliolle meren rannalle
ja alastonna tulin sinun luoksesi, naisen tavoin.
Ja naisena istuin pöytäsi ääressä,
join lasin viiniä, hengitin ruusujen tuoksua.

Sinä näit, että olin kaunis
ja muistutin jotakuta, jonka olit nähnyt unessa.

Minä unohdin kaiken, unohdin lapsuuteni ja kotimaani.
Tiesin ainoastaan olevani hyväilyjesi vanki.
Ja sinä otit hymyillen kuvastimen, käskit minun katsoa itseäni.
Näin että olkapääni olivat tomusta tehdyt ja murenivat tomuksi,
näin että kauneuteni oli sairas ja tahtoi – katoamistaan.
Oi sulje minut syliisi niin lujasti että ei minulta mitään puutu.
Track Name: Whither Must I Wander?
(R. Vaughan Williams, R. Louis Stevenson)
Home no more home to me, whither must I wander?
Hunger my driver, I go where I must.
Cold blows the winter wind over hill and heather;
Thick drives the rain and my roof is in the dust.
Lov’d off wise men was the shade of my roof-tree,
The true word of welcome was spoken in the door;
Dear days of old.. with the faces in the firelight;
Kind folks of old, you come again no more.

Home was home then, my dear, full of kindly faces,
Home was home then, my dear, happy for the child.
Fire and the windows bright glitter’d on the moorland;
Song, tuneful song, built a palace in the wild.

Now when day dawns on the brow of the moorland,
Lone stands the house and the chimney-stone is cold.
Lone let it stand now the friends are all departed,
The kind hearts, the true hearts, that loved the place of old.

Spring shall come, come again, calling up the moor-fowl,
Spring shall bring the sun and rain, bring the bees and flowers;
Red shall the heather bloom over hill and valley,
Soft flow the stream through the even flowing hours.
Fair shine the day shine as it shone on my childhood;
Fair shine the day on the house with open door.
Birds come and cry there and twitter in the chimney
But I go forever and come again no more.
Track Name: Al qamar, pour ma sœur
The stars took my place
when I wasn't looking
I run on moon control
and she is mighty
As I'm on the ground
Track Name: Con l'Arrivo dell'autunno
Con l’arrivo dell’autunno, l’estate se ne va, portando via il suo passato giallo.
Crescita e pioggia e sole
Adesso inizia il divertimento nel calore.
I giorni d’inverno sono finiti.
Track Name: Hot Second
When it's late, masturbate
You've got what you need
But if not, it can be bought
Your pleasure's guaranteed

Should you want a cock or a cunt,
When you're bored of you
Remember your number
You're one and they're two

You're the hot first give me one hot second

Wait wait wait hold on, I wanna come
Touch touch touch, til I'm numb